Kinesis Project dance theatre
Kinesis Project dance theatre

"...A Marx Brother's routine with soul..."
-audience member

Kinesis Project is a dance organization that produces dance concerts, facillitates educational programs and creates site specific performances with diverse communities.

Kinesis Project produces work designed to make the soul dance and the feet fly.
Creating beautifully fierce, highly crafted, deliciously human dances.

We are pushing the boundaries of what changes space, and people,
by placing movement and stillness in unusual and inspiring places.

We create large scale, space-changing, breath-taking experiences.
From flashmobs to city-wide performances, Kinesis Project will celebrate and re-imagine the spaces you love in campuses, parks and city streets.

As a producing organization, Kinesis Project is proud to be a founding partner with
Manhattan Theatre Source for their Annual Women's Work Festival, EstroGenius.

Kinesis Project's involvement has created Women in Motion, a commissioning organization dedicated to supporting the development of dance work by female choreographers.
For more information find WiM on facebook here


music design by Katie Down / Site design by Melissa Riker / photos by minwin/, Robert Riker, Steven Shreiber, Benjamin Levine, Kevin McLaughlin and Sandy Chase