Community Performances


Kinesis Project dance theatre

"When it was over, the entire audience and I simply wanted more!"
-Nancy Sirriani, Recording Artist

Kinesis Project's Outreach Programming includes
- free performances in New York City Parks
- creative facilitations with organizations to build healthy dialogue, ease trust and spur communication in a group.

Community Movements (made possible in part by The Puffin Foundation, Ltd.)
Community Movements is a community performance produced and created by the Kinesis Project and performed by interested volunteers from specific communities. The process and performance focuses on expression, connecting movement to surviving violent crime and domestic abuse as individuals and as a community. The purpose of Community Movements is to widen awareness of violent crime and survivorship by assisting members of a community to support, trust, and communicate with one another in an artistic setting.

Park Dances

These performances are part of Kinesis Project’s dance outreach programming series placing free dance in parks around New York City. Since 2010 the series has grown to be an UPTOWN/DOWNTOWN event with performances on both ends of Manhattan Island.
The Company has performed in Battery Park annually since 2006 and in Ft. Tryon since 2010, the park's 75th Anniversary. Find out how to BRING PARK DANCES to your town


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