Kinesis Project dance theatre
Kinesis Project dance theatre

"They have bright, witty and moving stories to tell."
-audience member

Kinesis Project is available to visit your school or university.
We offer fun and challenging master classes as well as full evening performances.

Current evening length works available for touring
Pressing Empty - decisions, emptiness and running at the last minute
Right Before You Fell
- a physical experience of what is left unsaid between people
My Steps Toward You - our riff on Homer's Odyssey, and how a world can change in moments

Classes available

Kinesis Your Character every Wednesday Jan 11- Feb 1, 2012 7:30-9pm jump into the joy of physical theater in the NEW YEAR with a choreographer as coach, teacher and facilitator to your wildest characters.
For FOUR WEEKS only, Melissa Riker is offering group classes and coaching sessions for actors who want to explore movement, dance and the exciting physical life of their characters.
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Physical Modern Dance Using various classical techniques as well as Release, Gyrotonic and martial arts, dancers will explore using space, their core and the expressive details of gesture. Two hour class taught by M. Riker or members of the company.

Partnering Learning to dance with your own grounded weight and with another. We will go over silent communication skills and ways of listening, following the energy of the class through modern, reciprocal, circus, martial and contact improv styles of partnering taught by M.Riker and company members


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